Monday, 27 October 2014

Blindly taking diet pills harm

Recently a friend circle, are popular microblogging purchasing. A weight loss drug has quietly explode. I will not speak diet drug authenticity of sources, hazards on diet drugs, I do not know much about? A lot of obese people to lose weight fast blind medication, which is not desirable, then Xiaobian take you recognize hazards diet pills, and diet pills common ingredients. Was not to hurt the body to lose weight! Click on the picture to the next page

Hazard Duoqie Mo blindly taking diet pills
Frequented toilets
Many people after eating diet pills, greatly increases the chance of going to the toilet, it is because the process of weight-loss drugs, the emergence of such a possibility frequented toilet.

This is a problem many dieters most likely to encounter, which just should be a sentence, not sleepy during the day, could not sleep at night Oh! This makes it a bitter pill, better during the day, night, always with his eyes open until dawn. Particularly excited, did not want to sleep, eat a lot less, but the day is still in the excited state.

The biggest cause of insomnia is also an amphetamine diet pills, it is easy to produce excited state, the effect described above, but with the resistance of the body to produce, there will be emotional instability, delusions, hallucinations , sleep disorders and other symptoms appear, so this time we'd better stop taking drugs now!

Recommendation: these drugs addictive, it is recommended not to take lightly
And also like amphetamines, like addictive drugs, once addicted, withdrawal process is very painful, we need a deep understanding of the dangers of this kind of diet pills.

Xenical weight loss pills contain
Actually you this is because long-term use of diet pills, probably may contain Xenical (Xenical), this drug is gastrointestinal tract lipase inhibitor, hinder the absorption of food, it can also help those long-term love meat People lose weight.

Recommendation: eat three times a day at most, can be taken with vitamin

Side effects of this drug is relatively small, but for physical health , then we must pay attention to dose of this drug, we must have control. The recommended dose is in progress or the latest meal taking a 120 mg capsule within one hour after the meal. If you do not eat, then do not force yourself to take.

Do not want to eat
Dizzy in the process of weight-loss drugs, but also for food produce an aversion mood, appetite becomes poor, could not eat, weight decreased, but always felt healthy error has occurred.

There may: drug contains "Fenfen"
You take diet pills, contains a Fenfen (Fen-phen), in fact Fenfen belong to an appetite suppressant, one of its main ingredient is Fenfulaming (fenfluramine).

These are the hazards of diet pills, the friends you want to lose weight do not choose such a way to lose weight , for the online "three noes Shopping" to polish his eyes. Want to lose weight, the best method is a reasonable diet with appropriate exercise.

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