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Jadera lose weight Pills For Sale! - The original recipe slimming love

46-year-old Nella Ramos is a Brazilian, when she found the original taking Brazilian diet pills to lose a role, he instead began to consume a natural weight loss ingredient alleged health care "drain the fruit."

Taking the early discharge of oil fruit, she feels good, never tired, not sleepy, do not feel hungry. But like a drug, a withdrawal whole person collapsed. After that, she appeared palpitations and other symptoms of addiction, and finally as a result of heart failure hospitalization week.

Her doctor is Peter Kohn, Cambridge Health Alliance internist, is also an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Patients taking other drain fruit because of health problems arising Cohen doctor admissions, there was kidney failure, depression, heart disease and other symptoms. Cohen said the doctor, these symptoms are health care products contain ingredients caused by illegal drugs.
Indeed, federal authorities had in 2009 asked to recall the drain fruit, because testing found that the oil drain fruit contains two kinds of dangerous drugs, one of which can even cause cancer.

But warned that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued does not seem to affect the sales of the fruit of the oil discharge. Cohen doctors in the Boston area 500 Duomingbaxi Women conducted a survey found one out of five people who have taken the oil drain fruit, and recall information released after the number of users increased rather than decreased.

Dr. Cohen believes that the existing management system can not guarantee the safety of health products. Because under the provisions of US law, the former drug marketing must be shown to be safe and effective, and to obtain permission of the federal government; and health care products namely dietary supplements containing only vitamins, minerals and other food ingredients products contain medicines , you can directly enter the market. Although the law prohibited the name of "health care" banner sales of drugs, but this practice is still widely producers exist. "Oil row fruit" event is just tip of the iceberg of this global industry.

Amazing health products have a market not only in China

Although little evidence to support the health effects of dietary supplements, legal and health products in the US market still holds more than 200 billion market. The black market value of more, especially those declared with weight loss, fitness and health products aphrodisiac effect.

FDA noted that some dietary supplement products containing active ingredients amphetamines, synthetic steroids, laxatives and Viagra and other drugs. Many weight loss products containing drugs can suppress appetite sibutramine, but in 2010 found that it increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, the manufacturer has taken the initiative to take down the drug market. Claimed to enhance male sexual health products mostly contain the active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil or analogs thereof, and the content may be up to seven times the recommended dose, and some like not even by human safety testing. Short-term efficacy behind these health products may have long-term health hazards, and even fatal cases have been appeared.

However legitimate health care products manufacturer about the effects on the sales of the entire industry, and do not want to unduly raise public vigilance. Industry representatives said the vast majority of health care products are safe, and accused managers neglect to stop illegal goods into the United States from China and other places.

Chairman of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (Council for Responsible Nutrition) Steve Lancaster said legitimate producers will ensure product safety, nutrition intentionally mixed with the unscrupulous drug manufacturers are in the minority. As organizations representing manufacturers and nutritional raw material suppliers, and they recommend consumers to choose well-known brands, not superstition claim to have miraculous product.

Was "pollution" of health care products is difficult shelves

Health care products contaminated with pharmaceutical ingredient is definitely not an individual problem. In 2008, there were reports in allegedly made from papaya natural weight loss product StarCaps found strong diuretic ingredients, followed by the major health care chains have their shelves.

Meanwhile, many regular companies marketing health care products lip, exaggerated the extent cents less than illegal products, leading consumers to be more difficult to distinguish right from wrong. For example, reliable assessment of male sexual performance supplements Association to promote health care is: "the performance of regular use may be slightly improved, but it is impossible to take once they received immediate effect."

However, RockHard Weekend this recently sold on Amazon male health care propaganda: "Just take effect within a half an hour, the drug mean duration 72 hours!!"

This "miraculous" products have been RockHard Laboratories in 2009 a large number of recall because FDA noted that the products contain active ingredients like Viagra. 2010 company and because drug contamination, recalled more products. The company released news that will enhance the quality of the raw material quality control and testing to avoid further recalls.

Over the past three years, FDA for more than 300 kinds of health products containing medicinal ingredients issued a warning, forcing distributors to recall the product value of over one million US dollars. Managers also introduced a new detection technologies, investigate major illegal dealers, publish an open letter, the development of database ...... But all with little success.

This is because, FDA lacks sufficient resources to prevent illegal raw materials and products from overseas inflows to Asia-based, and it is difficult to prevent these pseudo-health products enter the market.

Profit of the way, fear strict FDA enforcement

JFK Airport mail center, US Customs and Border Protection agency officials will use X-rays entry of goods. Inspectors have the right to detain drug products containing restricted sent to FDA inspection; but if the United States allows the use of products containing the drug, FDA must be returned unopened products overseas shipping point. Often these products has been returning the United States, but also with the Authority on the box indicates rejection of the red cross, and so on ad infinitum, until they were released so far. "As long as every five or six boxes in a box pass, of the victory of the manufacturers on." Censor Mr. Fasano said.

Jadera lose weight Pills is a natural supplement that will help you reach your weight loss goals. It is with your body to suppress your appetite. All-natural herbals blended specially formulated and mixed, to help you lose each month significant weight! The Jadera lose weight Pills unique formula ingredients work together to help you lose weight while increasing metabolism, but also help to improve burn calories and reduce your appetite, increase energy levels! Features:
* suppress appetite.
* Strengthening the metabolic properties.
 * The first day of fast work table.
* Fat burning.

There are no known side effects.

Mechanisms of action: More nutrition improve metabolism, no diarrhea, constipation and rebounding. Ingredients: fruit extract from bitter orange, cassia seed extract, extract from Jobs tears seed extract from the leaves, medical starch crowd: the 18-60 year old men and women.
Not suitable for: pregnant or lactating women; those who suffer from heart disease, people on prescription or non-prescription drugs Note: This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Specification: 350 mg * 30 Dosage: every morning before breakfast this one capsule. Best to take fasting. We recommend at least 8 glasses of water per day. Shelf life: 24 months Storage: sealed, cool and dry place. Note: The low minimum order quantity, semi-finished slimming products and raw materials, private label, OEM and ODM service with the best prices can be found here. As the most professional GMP manufacturer in China, we can meet all your needs here.

FDA laboratory in a customs capacity testing in China called Jadera lose weight Pills slimming capsules to sibutramine, while claiming "100% natural" on their labels, made of lime and mulberry. The product was sent to FDA laboratories sealed in Philadelphia, with a set of specialized equipment used to determine the sample composition. Final test results in excess of legal proof Jadera lose weight Pills about six times the initial dose of sibutramine. You can find Jadera lose weight Pills on many website who label “Jadera lose weight Pills For Sale”

While eBay (eBay) a spokesman earlier said the site is prohibited sales of weight loss products have been FDA warnings, but FDA test results in non-stop processing, brewing new public warning, brown bottles Jadera lose weight Pills  still eBay and Amazon on sales. China two production companies did not respond to e-mail for comment. To find Jadera lose weight Pills near you type in google “Jadera lose weight Pills For Sale” and get the best search results.

FDA dietary supplement program director Daniel believes aspects of the industry for sales to strengthen supervision can be described as absurd to worry reluctant to carry on. Today substandard nutrition has led to a serious public safety crisis, the long run will harm the interests of the entire industry. "In my opinion, this is the most serious issue before us."

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