Monday, 27 October 2014

Diet pills can really lose weight?

Weight loss is now a popular trend, many women do not like to lose two have sports, do not like the control diet , they hesitate to take medicine, but diet pills can really lose weight? The medication should not lose weight? Medication have side effects?

For weight loss medication, two distinct society existing views. Opponents said: "The three points are drug toxicity, can not take medicine or try not to eat much medicine, the body become resistant to treatment contrary to later bring trouble you see people foreigner, cold a no medication eat a few slices of vitamins, drink plenty of water, plenty of rest, like a disease, "supporters said:." obese . is disease, is a disease do not have to cure what method works, cure disease is the most important now fat, 10 which will have 9 fatty liver, hypertension, heart disease ...... dead do it? "
Diet pills really want to eat it?

"Chijianfeiyao, is not on a diet without exercise?" Many people with this purpose to buy expensive diet pills, exercise and hard as hard dieting alternatives. However, from the doctor's point of view, is not to diet pills to people who want to be lazy developed.

In other countries, the patient was diagnosed as suffering from obesity, only with a doctor's prescription to purchase a specified diet pills, and a planned program of treatment based on physician formulated diet. Types of medication, medication dosage and medication time strictly controlled by the doctor, the patient himself can not decide.

Generally, BMI over 24 personnel necessary to consider the weight-loss drugs as a sports diet aids, and general overweight as long as attention to strengthening their daily workout can be, there is no need weight-loss drugs. Some people in order to "prevent obesity" and weight-loss drugs is actually not necessary. All diet pills are the existence of such as light or heavy side effects, if not being forced to "disease", it is not necessary to eat it. And, in the end you are not suffering from obesity, weight loss clinic to go to a special system of checks done after only knows. Now the pharmacological effects of diet pills on the market vary, there are many cases of side effects. Without medical supervision, with just a simple manual, it would be difficult to find drugs for their condition.
You really should join the "medicine" family it?

160.5 height, weight 49 kg, measurements were 84,62,86 cm is not Asian women health indicators? local obesity should not lose weight? What things do people need to diet pills? What are the most suitable drug for you? For almost every home pharmacy you can buy diet pills, like much of our expectations and concerns.

In organized by the International Life Sciences Institute China offices and other units at the "Seminar on Chinese obesity and the risk of disease." At the meeting, the experts reached a consensus on the obesity standard of the Chinese people: the body mass index (BMI) as the judge of whether or not obesity standards, when is the overweight BMI greater than 24, greater than 28 is obese.

BMI is determined as an international standard most commonly obesity, such a formula: BMI = body weight (Kg) ÷ height squared (m2). In addition, there are some people weight is actually very "standard", but disproportionately fat distribution, such as the common pear-shaped body are. These people also are obese category. According to a waist-hip ratio data. Currently, waist-hip ratio of women world-wide standard Waist (cm) / hip circumference (cm) should be less than 0.85. If severe exceeded, then do not "fat" have to cut, because the fat concentrated in the abdomen health hazards than the distribution in the limbs, larger buttocks!

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