Monday, 27 October 2014

Diet pills reminder: caution diet pills

   And for want of diet pills to achieve the purpose of slim people who can be described as Figure a profit caused harm. This is not sensational, more and more studies confirm that diet drugs can lead to heart blood vessels , and other diseases.

   For example: a 29-year-old woman died after 23 days loss drugs thing, the autopsy confirmed that the weight loss drug induced cardiovascular disease , and another weight-loss drugs a year 24 women suffering from cardiovascular disease. Want to slim understandable, but not leave the diet pills on no act. Entirely reasonable by balancing calorie diet , proper exercise and achieve their goals. When the body burns calories when calorie intake is below, over time, the weight will gradually achieve the desired standards.

    Caution diet pills

    Experts in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" published treatises recent period, warned on several popular weight-loss therapies, one of which is weight loss pills. This pill can reduce the body's need for food, has been adopted in many countries. According to regulations, the purchase of such drugs must hold a doctor's prescription.

    The United States has a widely used prescription weight loss called "Fenfen", which contains two pills. Experts pointed out that "Fenfen" only short-term use, if long-term use may lead to disease. A study done earlier show, "Fenfen" contained two pills, if taken at the same time may cause lung disease induced death. And a new study shows that the "Fenfen" could also damage the heart. Another diet food is something called artificial fat. This fat is not absorbed by the body tissue, through the GI has no change, and then excreted outside the body. Experts say that the artificial fat excretion of the body when the vitamin is also important to the body, harmful to human health . Although manufacturers in producing several kinds of vitamins braced fat, but also futile loss of vitamins in the body.

    "Journal of the American Medical Association," explains: " Soy is a good diet food. "more results of the study showed that soy can reduce blocking blood circulation cholesterol levels. Several studies have shown that eating soy in the region, especially in Asia, heart disease incidence is relatively low. Scientists still do not know what soy contains chemicals that play a role in weight loss is, but they believe may be flavonoid chemicals in red wine, tea, kale cabbage leaves and onions can also be found such chemicals.

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